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The key lies in mimicing the existing Blogger code to your own needs. Although I do think that Blogger should have its own little Settings pane for a Blog Roll as it is an integral part of almost every blog, just like Comments. This code above is taken directly from the template of this blog. It's the whole sidebar code, and is denoted by a nice and friendly <!-- Begin #sidebar --> in the template. There's similar code in each blog. 

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  • » well or you could just go to blogroll.com and follow instructions
  • » Smartass.

Bad Taste

Karan blogged about the hilarity of NCERT, but this just leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth...
First post :-)

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  • » Hmm, yes this is the most gross picture in the book.
  • » "Ok... blow it up now...." *click*
  • » it looks like some puffed his lips. lol

Exun Fares us Well

So long, and thanks for all the mozzarella.....

We shall misses it.


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  • » Oh I wanted to post this, but I doubt I could have taken such a classy picture!
  • » Thanks for the compliment. You should still go ahead and write what you wanted to.

The White Tree Uncloaked

We think Sir will like it.

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  • » I think he liked it a lot, atleast when he found out it was an iPod shuffle, his face was full of smiles.
  • » I see an English paper below the iPod.
    Which makes me realize I am taking english too much for granted.
    And, it also makes me jealous of whoever has that iPod.

    One day...
  • » Whoever is Mukesh Sir.
  • » I actually wanted someone to notice the English paper. So thanks, EB.

The White Tree Cloaked

Guess what it is! It's a sneak preview. I hope some certain other seven people won't mind.

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  • » Can't wait for it to be uncloaked by....
  • » No one guesses. How sad, what anti-sports.

    Anyway it's an iPod shuffle for Mukesh Sir.

My "customed" iPod

Mostly Harmless..

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  • » Brave Rungta! Hail the Rungta!
    The first to be chivalrous enough to hack his iPod.

Floppy Castle!

Explanation Unnecessary.

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  • » This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
  • » Does it have an inside-the-car view(that is a steering wheel view?)?.
    (coz if I remember correctly, then nfs5 didn't have that.)
  • » This is normal setup and no, it doesn't have an inside-the-car view.

Need for Speed: Underground

Need for Speed is just one of those games - pure entertainment and nothing else. There's no mucking about with story lines or anything - just plain, simple and smooth racing. It's based on the movie 2 Fast 2 Furious. Go watch it for some low-brain-activity entertainment.
The best thing in this game is the sound. Firstly, there're these awesome, simply fabulous tracks from all kinds of artists like Fuel, etc. which I don't listen to normally, but in the game they're just perfect. They're just the perfect tracks to be playing in the background. Then there're the actual sounds which are also awesome - the cars swooshing past, the streetlights whishing by, and the sounds of the engine and the gears, all with Doppler effects and everything. It makes for an awesome experience.

The graphics are also amazing, though, on my machine - an Intel Pentium M 1.4GHz (768MB RAM, 32MB ATI Radeon Mobility graphics) IBM laptop - they aren't exactly eye-popping, but they are way better than anything I've seen before in racing games.

The gameplay is simple with no bullshitting. Arrow keys are all you need unless you use Manual transmission. I use manual because I've seen it gets that little bit of extra performance out of the car with auto just can't. There are five modes of play in the game - Sprint, Circuit, Knockout, Drag and Drift. The first three are regular lap runs, while the last two were new to me. Drag, which is featured in the movie 2F2F, involves driving down a straight section of road in the minimum amount of time, and beating your opponents to the finish line, but it's a unique experience because it mainly depends on three things - your gear shifting ability, your ability to avoid hitting any other car (except the opponents' cars, which you can hit) and other stuff that comes in your way and your ability to use Nitrous Oxide at the right moments. If you hit anything you lose the race. Actually it's officially called being "Totalled". You also lose the race if you don't change the gear in time and get a "Blown Engine". Now, Nitrous Oxide is this very entertaining part of the game. It's basically an overburner or afterburner kind of thing of which you have limited supply, and which give you an immediate extra boost in speed. Immensely useful in outrunning your opponents. I won't explain Drift in detail - it's got a lot to do with how well you can make your car skid.

The problem with NFS5, I found, was that it was extremely hard to control the cars. This is not there in NFSUG. The cars are extremely easy to control. Also, all the upgrade options for the car, which used to be a mystery to me in older versions of NFS, have now been simplified. The good thing is that most of them are locked in the beginning and get unlocked slowly as you progress and so, it's not very daunting on people like me who know nothing about Drivetrain or E.C.E. and Fuel Systems, etc. But for those who do know, it offers a wide variety.

Graphics - 9/10
Sound - 10/10
Gameplay - 10/10
Overall - Find the average.

Brilliant Game! Go get it. 

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  • » Its a great game. I just love the Drag races. NFS Underground 2 is out by the way.
  • » Cool. Requirements?
  • » Don't know. Haven't looked up.
  • » I’m glad I found your article. The information is smart and interesting. I am unable to thank you enough for the blog posts on your web page.

Airport Express

So what's the deal? I'm not going to discuss its worth for money here because I'm not interested in that. What I would like to detail upon is my experience in setting it up and getting my network, tunes and printer on the air. I obviously did not mean to get those hovering but to get them streamed and linked wirelessly.
Here goes. I plugged in the USB port of my printer to the airport express and connected it to the power supply. The indicator on it glowed green for a second or two and then went yellow and started blinking, which, according to the Setup Guide provided meant 'AirPort Express may be out of range, or there may be a problem with your Internet service provider.' I turned to my PC running Windows XP Professional with a 802.11g compatible PCI Wi-Fi card plugged in. It haden't found the new access point yet so I refreshed the list of available wirless networks and a new network titled "Airport Extpress Base Station" followed by some code showed up. I clicked connect and it did. The software CD was in and the Airport Express Assistant had opened up which notified me so: must not forget to mention that irritating "error" notification sound

Nevertheless, I went on with the assistant, chose to setup a new wireless network but after it said that it had identified an Apple Airport Express Base Station, it did something funny, asked me for the password. It wasn't enter 'a' password, it was enter 'the' password and I obviously didn't know what to enter as nowhere had Apple mentioned that such a thing would happen. Not knowing the exact reason of this problem I decided to restart my PC, as with Windows, it works a lot of times. After restarting, I logged on as a different user and openend the Airport Express Assistant, which notified me once again, but this time I was given the option of setting up a new base station or modifying the settings of existing base stations instead of network options like before. I chose to setup a new base station and then to create a new network. It asked me to set a password for the base station and other network options which I configured and finally got my wireless network ready.
The Airport Admin Utility had even mopre options to tweak your network and Airport Express Base station and one checkbox for printer access.

That is what I moved on to next, setting up my printer to print directly from the Airport Express Base Station. The Setup Guide clearly gave the steps needed to be followed to get the printer firing pages, which involve the creation of new TCP/IP port and setting up the printer on that port. That done, the test page printed perfectly and so did the other pages I deployed for, duh, printing.

But the easiest of them all was streaming music. I just opened iTunes and it had a nice little dropdown next to the three buttons on the bottom right of the window.When will windows have such lovely applications (besides iTunes and Picasa2) which just get the job done.

I chose to stream the music and itunes instantly told me that no speakers were attached to the device, so I plugged in my headphones and started listening to music. Very simple.

That was Airport Express, although it does have lots of other features like extending the range of your already existing wirless network, keeping upto 5 different profiles etc. but these were the basic ones.


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  • » This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
  • » This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
  • » In the words of Dev Anand: I'm lovin' it.

    Ah, so you finally purchased the over-priced thingie, thankfully for your, umm, Mama? OK, so I always get confused here, but I'm quite sure it's the Mama this time. As usual with Apple, the box and all looks cool and so does the actual thing itself, though it's supposed to look like an overgrown iPod charger if I'm not mistaken?

    And when are you writing drivers for your aunt's G5?
  • » Well it does look like an overgrown iPod charger. It was with me on 25th Jan and is with my Mama right now.

    I suppose you should be the one writing drivers for the G5, infact I was planning to ask you once again for a solution with the damn reliance FWP.
  • » Can I also be part of this!!!!

The Royal Blog Roll

I already love this blog - simple and white, and very nicely weird. Now I announce the second idiosyncrasy that we will give it - The Royal Blog Roll.

On this website's blog roll shall be only those well-chosen websites which pass the vote of each member. Any member can veto the decision (until our membership becomes too large, the constitution is changed and authority of veto is restricted to some original n members).
And the third...

First Act of the Impulsive Highlighters' Constitution

  1. A change or addition in constitution shall require the consent of each reigning member.
  2. The Royal Blog Roll be established to contain blogs and websites of exceedingly high honour.
  3. An addition, deletion or modification of the Royal Blog Roll require the consent of each reigning member.
To pass this Act, each member must consent, which is kind-of recursive, but what the heck! 

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  • » I consent (yes, well that was kind of obvious) and I nominate: lnexun.com, karanmisra.com for the Royal Blog Roll.
  • » Yeah i approve karanmisra.com, but i'm not sure about lnexun yet. I'll think over it.

    But more importantly, I am *shocked* you didn't have any special tid bits hidden in there. Or maybe you're saving it from mundanity? Hmm okay.
  • » I am still to understand what impulsive highlighting is all about...
    And if it is what I think it is(and I think it is so), then how is it so important that you need an entire new blog for it?
    Enlighten me...
  • » Shikhar, I found a little flaw in your profile:


    * astrix@gmail.com (MSN)

    I figure you should be able to notice it yourself, though.
  • » Nopes! It's correct :D
  • » And there is one in yours too, Karan:


    * Email
    * My Web Page
    * isharp@rediffmail.com (MSN)

    I know, I know, I have a bad habit of going a little off track while commenting,but then I seriously don't see much to comment about here!
  • » it's a little known fact that you can register for an msn passport with any address
  • » Approved. both karanmisra.com and lnexun.com, and nominate aalmighty.blogspot.com and potterblogs.blogspot.com for the Royal BlogRoll.
  • » I propose http://talk.collegeconfidential.com, which is a fabulous resource for people applying to the US. It also boasts of the prolific Indian Post on the international board

    I assume there's no criteria or anything here. Na, of course not.
  • » Einsteinian Beethoven, see, impulsive highlighters are a nice breed. So this is a nice blog for nice people. Makes sense to me :P
  • » MS (or EB), the purpose of this blog is described in the first entry.

    It is very much possible to have a rediffmail account or a gmail account as your MSN Messenger ID, as what it requires is not a Hotmail account but technically a ".Net Passport" which both of us possess (and have registered to our current email addresses).

    I approve aalmighty.blogspot.com
    I've always hated collegeconfidential.com for some odd reason, so I won't approve it.
  • » Oh yes, and there is a little hidden tid-bit in this one too (just for the sake of it).

    Impulsive Highlighting, dear MS, is the art of clicking repeatedly on the text you are currently reading on the Internet (thus highlighting it), and so stuff that was written in the same colour as the background colour, which wouldn't have been readily apparent to you otherwise, shows up. It's also a nice way for authors to leave nasty or not-so-nice-in-general-public-type comments while also leaving an easy way for these comments to be discovered.
  • » Wow can't believe I missed the tid bit.

    You don't like CC? I was refering to the discussion boards. But that's o-kay.

    I'm okay with any personal blogs. And yeah, lnexun is cool too. Will check out potter blog later, gotta rush now.
  • » Looks like the Azgez fever has caught you Karan. Nevertheless, I approve the First Act of ours, i.e. the impulsive highlighters, and also approve lnexun.com, karanmisra.com and aalmighty.blogspot.com for the Royal Blog Roll.
  • » Aaah.
    Thanks for enlightening me about the MSN thing.Somehow, I have never really been very interested in instant messaging, so I have never explored MSN messenger.Secondly, I detest anything Microsoft, therefore I use Yahoo if at all I have to use a messenger.

    And by the way, I started clicking this blog all over trying to find hidden things.You have just passed on a contagious disease to me.
  • » The Royal Blog Roll
    karanmisra.com 4
    lnexun.com 4
    aalmighty.blogspot.com 4
    potterblogs.blogspot.com 1
    talk.collegeconfidential.com SD

    I see three blogs have been approved and one [website] has been struck down (SD'd).

    I shall add the list on the side-bar.

Hungry Kya?

I suppose you wanted to have another pizza tonight Karan.

Delhi, like other 'big' cities is full of pizza outlets, without which life would have been very dissapointing, for me atleast. Getting a pizza delivered to your doorstep and biting into it is heavenly, as most would agree. But a lot depends on the brand. The 'heavenly' can very much become 'helly' (if such a word exists, which I'm quite sure doesn't) if the pizza turns out to be bad.

Pizza Hut tops the list for most, and it does make great pizzas, although it hasn't got a big menu and it is the most expensive one I suppose. Don't think anything more needs to be told. Stores can be located on their website, which does have a pretty good locator, although it isn't update regularly for it doesn't feature the Pizza Hut on Janpath, the venue for this year's Exun Farewell. Darn, I had hoped that it would give me the location. Now I'll have to go hunting all over Janpath.

Next up is the Hunger Helpline 1600-111-123, yes I'm talking about Domino's . I particularly used to dislike this brand until Souvik Dada convinced me to give it one more try (as I had eaten their pizza's earlier) when we were in Chennai and my views changed. The pizza was delicious, and as soon as I was back in Delhi, I ordered for Domino's. This does mean that its good, but also shows that a lot depends on the Pizza you choose from their menu, as my tastebuds hadn't undergone some huge change from the last time I had Domino's to the time I was in Chennai. They do not have a dedicated Indian website although outlets can be located from their international website. I have to mention their speed of delivery, as when I was in Goa two years back, we ordered pizzas to be delivered home (my friend's place in Goa) and went there ourselves with a 5 minute stop outside the restaurant and to our surprise, the Pizza was there before us.

Raffaele's Slice of Italy, the latest I've had pizza from, is pretty good. It has a huge menu, cheap prices and the best part is it tastes good, although the cheese which I had asked for wasn't very good so better check that before you order one from here. I'm a vegetarian so obviously had a veg pizza but my non-vegetarian friends seemed to just love it, the Chicken Heavyweight in particular, and they claim it to be better than Pizza Hut. There are two outlets that I know of, one in ShahPur Jat (26497970/51750626), and another in Vasant Vihar.

Nirula's - chalta hai, not bad. Can be located here.

Smokin Joe's, now renamed, was the worst I've ever had. I don't have any contact details about them either as I didn't care to keep them with me any more.

On a scale of 5, based purely on taste, there following are my ratings (I'm a vegetarian):
  • Pizza Hut
  • Domino's
  • Raffaele's Slice of Italy
  • Nirula's
  • Smokin Joe's
The following are the ratings of two of my non-vegetarian friends, whom I stay with:
  • Raffaele's Slice of Italy
  • Pizza Hut
  • Domino's
  • Nirula's
  • Smokin Joe's
So, where are you calling up the next time?

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  • » Ah, you see... that was the problem we were having that day finding Raffaele's, because it's called Slice of Italy by default. No one knows it as Raffaele's. Anyway, this entry is extremely important and it will be added to the sidebar, because in times of need, Pizza numbers are very important to have at hand.
  • » Right, and I realised it was called Slice of Italy that night when I ordered for the pizza. Had Pizza for lunch and dinner.
  • » Lucky dog!
  • » You missed Pizza Corner!! I must tell u people that it is one of the bad ones!!

Impulsive Highlighters

Welcome normal people... and of course my dearest impulsive highlighters!

Impulsive Highlighting is an art but it requires very little training - you either have it or you don't. However contrary to popular opinion (actually I'm fibbing because there is no 'popular' opinion regarding impulsive highlighters or highlighting) ImHi can be useful apart from being fun, and the fun thing is that ImHighers know its uses yet they probably haven't even told themselves about it, in words.

Apart from discovering hidden messages camouflaged as the background colour (note:- this is the real meaning of reading between the lines), highlighting can also be used as a convenient and quick way of bookmarking the place where you stopped reading, so that you can go to the kitchen, pick up that packet of Kurkure and continue reading from precisely the point where you left off.

I have also discovered using very complex mathematics involving mathematical induction and deduction that all great people who have used computers were impulsive highlighters. As I said, the mathematics behind it is very complex, but rest assured that you're blogging on the shoulders of giants (which, sometimes, is literally true).

Now I come to the tricky part. What really is the purpose of this blog? Well, when I clicked the "Create My Blog" button, there was none. But while having a bath a little while ago I thought about it. I think we ought to post reviews - of all sorts of things. This should range from books to computer games to movies to Pizza places to All India tests and everything in between. Now, the foremost important thing to do is for someone on this blog (excluding me) to compile a list of Pizza places in Delhi with their phone numbers (and a list of locations of their branches as well). Get on the job Rungta!

We could also talk about stuff in general of course, and I don't mind people talking about Linux or anything. I am not a tech prude.

This is hoping that Rungta will post with some regularity. 

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  • » not to mention it pisses people of. my dad, for one. according to him, i do it because i can't sit idle in front of a computer even as i read.
  • » Oh well you know better now.
  • » no i actually think that's kind of true

    P.S. the name's shikhar, i'll make it show that soon nuff
  • » It's for the better in any case.
  • » Yeah, it's obsessive more than anything else. But then again, why think meaning into something so pure, so ....
  • » I was busy with my work and when I am back, it’s quite exciting to find such a nice write up as I used to enjoy earlier. Thank you, for helping us to improve our knowledge and to bring out new topics that are interesting and worth reading. How frequently you update your website?