The Royal Blog Roll

I already love this blog - simple and white, and very nicely weird. Now I announce the second idiosyncrasy that we will give it - The Royal Blog Roll.

On this website's blog roll shall be only those well-chosen websites which pass the vote of each member. Any member can veto the decision (until our membership becomes too large, the constitution is changed and authority of veto is restricted to some original n members).
And the third...

First Act of the Impulsive Highlighters' Constitution

  1. A change or addition in constitution shall require the consent of each reigning member.
  2. The Royal Blog Roll be established to contain blogs and websites of exceedingly high honour.
  3. An addition, deletion or modification of the Royal Blog Roll require the consent of each reigning member.
To pass this Act, each member must consent, which is kind-of recursive, but what the heck! 

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  • » I consent (yes, well that was kind of obvious) and I nominate: lnexun.com, karanmisra.com for the Royal Blog Roll.
  • » Yeah i approve karanmisra.com, but i'm not sure about lnexun yet. I'll think over it.

    But more importantly, I am *shocked* you didn't have any special tid bits hidden in there. Or maybe you're saving it from mundanity? Hmm okay.
  • » I am still to understand what impulsive highlighting is all about...
    And if it is what I think it is(and I think it is so), then how is it so important that you need an entire new blog for it?
    Enlighten me...
  • » Shikhar, I found a little flaw in your profile:


    * astrix@gmail.com (MSN)

    I figure you should be able to notice it yourself, though.
  • » Nopes! It's correct :D
  • » And there is one in yours too, Karan:


    * Email
    * My Web Page
    * isharp@rediffmail.com (MSN)

    I know, I know, I have a bad habit of going a little off track while commenting,but then I seriously don't see much to comment about here!
  • » it's a little known fact that you can register for an msn passport with any address
  • » Approved. both karanmisra.com and lnexun.com, and nominate aalmighty.blogspot.com and potterblogs.blogspot.com for the Royal BlogRoll.
  • » I propose http://talk.collegeconfidential.com, which is a fabulous resource for people applying to the US. It also boasts of the prolific Indian Post on the international board

    I assume there's no criteria or anything here. Na, of course not.
  • » Einsteinian Beethoven, see, impulsive highlighters are a nice breed. So this is a nice blog for nice people. Makes sense to me :P
  • » MS (or EB), the purpose of this blog is described in the first entry.

    It is very much possible to have a rediffmail account or a gmail account as your MSN Messenger ID, as what it requires is not a Hotmail account but technically a ".Net Passport" which both of us possess (and have registered to our current email addresses).

    I approve aalmighty.blogspot.com
    I've always hated collegeconfidential.com for some odd reason, so I won't approve it.
  • » Oh yes, and there is a little hidden tid-bit in this one too (just for the sake of it).

    Impulsive Highlighting, dear MS, is the art of clicking repeatedly on the text you are currently reading on the Internet (thus highlighting it), and so stuff that was written in the same colour as the background colour, which wouldn't have been readily apparent to you otherwise, shows up. It's also a nice way for authors to leave nasty or not-so-nice-in-general-public-type comments while also leaving an easy way for these comments to be discovered.
  • » Wow can't believe I missed the tid bit.

    You don't like CC? I was refering to the discussion boards. But that's o-kay.

    I'm okay with any personal blogs. And yeah, lnexun is cool too. Will check out potter blog later, gotta rush now.
  • » Looks like the Azgez fever has caught you Karan. Nevertheless, I approve the First Act of ours, i.e. the impulsive highlighters, and also approve lnexun.com, karanmisra.com and aalmighty.blogspot.com for the Royal Blog Roll.
  • » Aaah.
    Thanks for enlightening me about the MSN thing.Somehow, I have never really been very interested in instant messaging, so I have never explored MSN messenger.Secondly, I detest anything Microsoft, therefore I use Yahoo if at all I have to use a messenger.

    And by the way, I started clicking this blog all over trying to find hidden things.You have just passed on a contagious disease to me.
  • » The Royal Blog Roll
    karanmisra.com 4
    lnexun.com 4
    aalmighty.blogspot.com 4
    potterblogs.blogspot.com 1
    talk.collegeconfidential.com SD

    I see three blogs have been approved and one [website] has been struck down (SD'd).

    I shall add the list on the side-bar.