Impulsive Highlighters

Welcome normal people... and of course my dearest impulsive highlighters!

Impulsive Highlighting is an art but it requires very little training - you either have it or you don't. However contrary to popular opinion (actually I'm fibbing because there is no 'popular' opinion regarding impulsive highlighters or highlighting) ImHi can be useful apart from being fun, and the fun thing is that ImHighers know its uses yet they probably haven't even told themselves about it, in words.

Apart from discovering hidden messages camouflaged as the background colour (note:- this is the real meaning of reading between the lines), highlighting can also be used as a convenient and quick way of bookmarking the place where you stopped reading, so that you can go to the kitchen, pick up that packet of Kurkure and continue reading from precisely the point where you left off.

I have also discovered using very complex mathematics involving mathematical induction and deduction that all great people who have used computers were impulsive highlighters. As I said, the mathematics behind it is very complex, but rest assured that you're blogging on the shoulders of giants (which, sometimes, is literally true).

Now I come to the tricky part. What really is the purpose of this blog? Well, when I clicked the "Create My Blog" button, there was none. But while having a bath a little while ago I thought about it. I think we ought to post reviews - of all sorts of things. This should range from books to computer games to movies to Pizza places to All India tests and everything in between. Now, the foremost important thing to do is for someone on this blog (excluding me) to compile a list of Pizza places in Delhi with their phone numbers (and a list of locations of their branches as well). Get on the job Rungta!

We could also talk about stuff in general of course, and I don't mind people talking about Linux or anything. I am not a tech prude.

This is hoping that Rungta will post with some regularity. 

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  • » not to mention it pisses people of. my dad, for one. according to him, i do it because i can't sit idle in front of a computer even as i read.
  • » Oh well you know better now.
  • » no i actually think that's kind of true

    P.S. the name's shikhar, i'll make it show that soon nuff
  • » It's for the better in any case.
  • » Yeah, it's obsessive more than anything else. But then again, why think meaning into something so pure, so ....
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