Ludicrous Rumors

Apparently it's the time of the year again to make ridiculous rumors. First of all, I feel it's a bit excessive to expect Apple to ship a major update to Mac OS X barely a year after the previous one because, as Mac OS X matures, these major updates are only going to be harder for Apple to ship, not easier. If anything does ship in that time and it's not a free update, I don't think it can possibly have more features than a 0.5 update, i.e., no major OS changes. And these are already delivered incrementally through the 0.1 updates. In addition, the comment about 10.6 switching to "pure Cocoa" seems incredibly ludicrous considering the Finder is an extremely important and extremely massive application that's still in Carbon and it's not going to get converted to Cocoa by January 2009. Ditto for Final Cut Studio applications, most of which, such as Final Cut Pro, are in Carbon right now. Of course, considering the fact that Carbon is doing no harm just sitting there, why Apple would want to get rid of it in the first place is beyond me.



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