Ars Technica takes a look at AT&T's newly released (in private beta) Pogo web browser. To me, Pogo looks very promising in terms of originality, but I feel that such an early review of it has done it quite a bit of harm in the publicity department and it might have been wiser for AT&T to wait a few more months and release a more solid beta (this is because the betas of 2008, unlike the betas of 1998, have much higher expectations). A couple of non-technical problems with Pogo (the linked article goes into the technical ones) seem to be (a) the company that's making it - I'm sorry but installing an application made by AT&T simply leaves a bad taste in my mouth and makes me assume that the browser's prospects are going to be very limited, and (b) it's name - I'm sure it'll get accepted by people eventually (the Wii did), but people need to be thinking of better names.



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