Time Machine Restore

Unfortunately, I have no screenshots but I did recently perform a Time Machine restore which I can almost deem as "just for the heck of it". I suppose I could say I wanted to know if it would work out in a situation when I would actually need it. Anyway, I rebooted off the Leopard disc, it greeted me as if I wanted to install it anew. Seeing no other buttons, I went to the Utilities menu and found the appropriate Restore from Time Machine (or something like that) option. It was a simple wizard which first informed me that the destination volume would be completely wiped; then, it asked me for a source, showed me all the possible dates I could restore to (note: you do not have to restore your most recent backup), asked me to choose a destination volume and boom! And by boom, I mean, an hour and some later, my Mac was restored to its original state.

The only oddity I experienced was that Mail "imported" my 27000 or so messages back into its database for some reason instead of just launching as if nothing had happened, but (a) everything was just as before with no duplication or missing messages and, (b) it didn't take more than a few minutes. 

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