Apple's One-Time Hardware Discount for Students

This is nothing new but scores of students don't know about it. If you become an ADC Student Member, which costs $99 per year (although you need do it for only one year), you get a One-Time Hardware Discount on buying a Mac. This is one whopper of a discount, make no mistake. It's not very useful if you're thinking of buying a MacBook or a Mac mini (because it's only another $50 or so less than the standard educational discount), but, if you're planning to purchase an expensive Apple computer like a MacBook Pro and also happen to be a student above 18 years of age, you're in fine luck. However, One of the conditions of the One-Time Hardware Discount is that, well, it's one-time... per life.

Let me give you an example of the discounts. The usual MacBook Pro which sells for $1999 normally, is sold for $1799 at the regular Apple Education stores and for $1599 at the ADC Hardware Purchase Store. The $2499 model is similarly sold for $1999 and the $2799 for $2239. So the discount you get more than makes up for the $99 you spent on the membership.

But, that's not all. Another benefit of this membership is that "Upon purchase and activation, you’ll receive Mac OS X and Xcode Tools". Now, I don't know if that means, if I buy it today, I will receive Tiger now and any new versions of Mac OS X (*cough* Leopard *cough*) when they come out during the course of my membership, or whether I'll just get Tiger. Since the membership is $99 and Leopard is probably going to be $129, if their terms and conditions are still the same when Leopard comes out, I'll go ahead and buy this instead of Leopard and get it for $30 less, in addition to a voucher for an extremely sweet One-Time Hardware Discount. 

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  • » You only get a copy of the "currently shipping" version of Mac OS X and that is pretty much useless if you're planning on using your One-Time Hardware Discount cause you'll get the "currently shipping" version on your new Mac anyway! Now if only they would give us the option of choosing when to avail our copy instead of sending it as soon as you sign up...
  • » I was seriously not aware of the ADC membership and one-time discount. I would have bought the 256MB 8600M GT version of the Macbook Pro if I had known this earlier.

    The research done wasn't enough I guess.
  • » it seems Indian students can't avail it!!