Impulsive Highlighters II

It has taken just about exactly one week for the idea of the complete redesign to go from inception to completion. It's been the most rapid and the most fun web development project that I have worked on and we, the makers, were literally giddy with excitement at the prospect of letting it loose in the real world. The previous version of Impulsive Highlighters, which was introduced on October 17, 2006, was supremely important because it gave Impulsive Highlighters its own identity, as it had been previously using one of Blogger's default templates. Now, it has been changed to align with our thoughts of the day and embodies a simplicity and elegance that its predecessor lacked.

We made a lot of changes to the template so that it looked better on today's larger monitors, while still maintaining compatibility with the most common older screen resolutions. We made changes so that the text was more legible and the colours more subtle. We split up the posts into an Opinions column and a News column because the smaller posts looked a bit awkward on the old template. We reworked the Archives so that they were organized in a more sensible format and easier to browse. We wrote a ton of conditional CSS and JavaScript to overcome Blogger's shortcomings and Internet Explorer's plain lack of consideration.

But, the flying bit, I have to confess, we just thought was wicked cool. 

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  • » Great site redesign! Easy on the eyes. Clean and professional. I first found your site through a search for "Leopard" in NewFires blog search. Been reading your site ever since.
  • » it's great!
    btw, what floating bit?
  • » We were having some problems with it so we'd disabled it. Reload the page in something other than IE and you'll see the flying bit.
  • » A very professional looking template.

    I think should change the color of the text to white (like you do for the main text) on rollover for names of those who have written comments.

    I personally think there is something missing with the right column.
  • » Thanks for pointing out the bug with the comment byline links, Aditya. I have fixed it.
  • » Really smooth on Safari. On others', not as much.