Bob Keefe

I think I've heard just about as much as I can take on this issue of a certain Bob Keefe's question to Steve Jobs during the Macworld mini regarding why Apple doesn't put Intel stickers on its computers.

I have just read what Bob Keefe has to say on this and I've decided that I'm going to take his side on this issue. I understand some people thought the question was rather stupid because they have been Mac users for a long time, they know Apple's philosophy and to them, it couldn't be clearer why Apple does not put Intel stickers on its Mac. However, I'm afraid that everyone is not as illuminated as we are, and, if the fellow is writing a book or something about it, it's good for him to have some sort of official quote from Apple, and what better opportunity than to get it straight from Steve Jobs himself?

Also, it is at these times that the Mac world completely makes me feel ashamed for being a part of it. It's just a little question in a little press conference whose Q&A round wasn't even publicly available for viewing. Get over it and leave the fellow alone, instead of publishing his email address and filling his inbox with the nearest equivalent of spam! 

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  • » LOL he deserved it. (not the spam thou) cuz he really asked a stupid question.