Remote Desktop Connection 2.0 coming soon

Microsoft announced today that it would be soon releasing a beta of their new Universal Binary version of the excellent and extremely handy Remote Desktop Connection, which I use on a day-to-day basis.

They also said that, in the week of July 30, we will see an update to their XML Converter which converts Office 2007 files to the traditional non-XML file format so that they can be viewed and edited on the current versions of Microsoft Office for Mac. The version currently available is pretty feeble and only converts .docx to .rtf, and all the files that I have tested have come out very poorly indeed. According to Microsoft, the new beta will be a lot better at converting .docx files and will also include support for .pptx.

Of course, I just wish they hurried up and released Office 2008 for Mac. It's been more than three years since now!



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