My 5 minutes with the iPhone

Today I went down to the nearest Apple Store to have a look at the iPhone myself and see whether it's all it's hyped up to be. Here're my thoughts:
  • The size and weight are ideal - not too big.
  • All the animations are fluid and actions occur as soon as you press something.
  • Typing isn't that bad. Typing in the vertical mode is considerably harder than the horizontal mode.
  • There is no Hindi support while viewing web pages, although Chinese rendered correctly. (this is something I had to test myself as no one in the US would normally test or mention this)
  • From the videos, I could not get a feel of whether the pinching action would be fast and effective enough but my worries were unfounded.
  • It'll sell.

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  • » I wonder if you had to push through a huge crowd to get hold of one!!