Leopard: Multicore

From Apple's website:
Smooth operator.
How did Apple engineers pull this off? By using NSOperation, a breakthrough new API that optimizes applications for the world of multicore processing. Independent chunks of computation (operations) are added to an NSOperationQueue, which dynamically determines how many operations to run in parallel based on the current architectures. So there’s no need to hand-code the complexities of threading and locking. You simply describe the operations in a program along with their dependencies. Cocoa takes care of the rest.
I have not had a chance to install the Developers' Tools that came with the WWDC '07 Preview and I don't have enough Cocoa knowledge to actually try this out, but it looks promising and I do hope it makes multithreading applications easier in Leopard because currently multithreading in any environment is rather cumbersome as the paragraph above mentions.



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