Google Maps: Drag and drop to change route

I don't know when Google added this but I discovered it by chance today when I accidentally dragged the route Google Maps gave me and it changed! All of this was happening because I wanted to go visit an Apple Store today to check out the iPhone. Of course, then I noticed the new message in the top-left "New!" But, this is seriously amazing and I hope it doesn't get drowned by the billion news stories that every single news site is publishing over the iPhone every single day.

This is great for people like me who don't drive and need to bike there because I can check the elevation of the path I'm taking on Google Earth and then get directions according to that (biking up hill is a big pain). 

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  • » I discovered that today as well - but in my case it was just because the person who was driving said "could we go through South instead of North London?" and I went "huh?" followed by noticing a "Drag to change" show up while I moused over the route.