Waiting for iPhone 2.0

  • EDGE for Internet instead of 3G or that HSDPA thing
  • No GPS
  • Storage Capacity
  • Price
We all know that software won't really be a problem because Apple will release updates even for the current iPhone based on user feedback (not having Flash in Safari? That will be a big deal for a lot of people). However, the things above are things that will only come in the next iPhone which will probably come in another year or so. As usual, memory will become cheaper, so I'm hoping for something like a 32GB solid state memory option in the next iPhone.

Let's also keep in mind that today is only the US release. All the rest of the world doesn't see the iPhone until 2008 and Asia is the biggest phone market anyone knows of. I don't know about other Asian countries, but in India at least, phones are usually not tied with service providers and so Asia should be a source of unlocked iPhones (of course once the iPhones are released today, hackers will get busy and there will be a hack before long, just like with the Apple TV hacks).

Also, Apple has some work to do before they release an Asian version. I don't know if their Asian development divisions (do they exist?) have been working on internalization in parallel or not but you have to realize that, for example, their really intelligent keyboard is really intelligent only for English. That won't be a lot of help if you're trying to input Japanese or Chinese (at least not until it's been adapted for them). So, in most probability, they should have a decent bit of internalization/localization work to do.

I'm in no hurry. I'll wait for iPhone 2.0.

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