Leopard Features I'm Looking Forward To

I haven't seen the keynote yet but I do like Leopard. And here's what I'm really waiting for:
  1. The new UI
    I think the videos on apple.com are almost childish about mentioning how cool it all looks but it does look a mite cool and I'm looking forward to getting my hands on that Stacks-enhanced, unification-filled, StarCraft 2-ready user interface in Leopard.

  2. Boot Camp
    I really like the sound of "Leopard brings a quicker way to switch between Mac OS X and Windows: Just choose the new Apple menu item “Restart in Windows.” Your Mac goes into “safe sleep” so that when you return, you’ll be right where you were. It’s much faster than restarting the computer each time. Likewise, a “Restart in Mac OS X” menu item in the Boot Camp System Tray in Windows makes for a faster return to Mac OS X. With Windows hibernation enabled, you can pick up where you left off."

  3. Front Row 2.0
    Just looks cool.

  4. DVD Player
    Sure, it might not sound like an awesome new feature but they've really worked on this one and taken some nice cues from NicePlayer.

  5. Automator
    You can simply record stuff instead of typing AppleScripts!

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  • » I was really looking forward to Leopard's Boot Camp's way of switching by a 'safe sleep' but I just found out (while reading an article on Macworld.com) that Apple has removed this bit from their site!! Are they still trying to keep some features 'secret' or was it never meant to be?
  • » Wow, that's really odd. I hope the feature is still there and they just don't want to advertise the exact implementation? Maybe they plan to change it?
  • » If this comment on the MacRumors Forums is true then I'm afraid we're not going to be seeing the feature anytime soon.
  • » i agree the new UI is what i'm interested in... stacks..

    i am glad they didnt take the whole transparency thing over the edge like in vista... but i have a question, does the menubar become opaque when you hover over it, like in menushade?

    and as long as frontrow launches the same way, i am happy.
  • » bah!
    dont forget quick look..
  • » How about Automator with a Quartz composer-like interface. That would make a program sort of like Helix. Now THAT would be cool!