The Leopard Delay

A lot of people have already said a lot about this. I'm disappointed that Apple missed the Spring deadline. I anticipated that they'd release latest by June using Spring's official definition, but I seriously wasn't expecting October. I am disappointed that Apple puts the iPhone that much above Mac OS X that Mac OS X can take a backseat while the iPhone is finished. I am also disappointed that Apple cannot manage to make two great products simultaneously, but instead needs to pause one to complete the other. It's almost childish for a company of Apple's stature. Still, a beta will be distributed to developers at WWDC and since it will be leaked into the torrents in short order, we will still get to see what Apple has been working on since last August. Also, I am definitely in favour of waiting until October rather than Apple cutting back on some neat features that they wanted to include. I also don't want another release like Mac OS 10.3 where the initial 10.3.0 OS had an extremely serious bug that erased data off external hard drives. Yes, would rather that didn't happen.



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