Falling Leaf Systems bringing Windows games to the Mac

So, after all that talk about Cider, the gaming thing based on Wine, nothing actually came out and now it's the new year. Here's another entrant. Something that doesn't use Wine and promises to convert Windows games' binaries to run on a Mac on a game-by-game basis just like Cider.

The difference is that, firstly, they've released a video that demonstrates it running a game "Prey" and secondly, they're allowing you to download, for fifty dollars, something that'll convert the Prey Demo for Windows to Mac and also earn you a lifetime membership which will let you download all the game converters they'll release in the future. Although I don't recommend shelling out the fifty bucks for this thing right now, I will be very interested to see how this turns out and I hope it's not a scam to get people to give them fifty bucks.



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