So how much does Microsoft Messenger 6 suck?

First of all, I really don't think Microsoft Messenger 6 (oh, that's a mouthful - I really did prefer "MSN Messenger") qualifies as version 6. Verison 5 was merely 4.1 and this barely qualifies at 4.2 (I'd say 4.1.1) with the number of new features it introduces. For the record, it still sucks at connectivity. I know that I'm using a pristine University network connection here with very low latency, no disconnections and extremely high bandwidth and yet Microsoft Messenger always seems to get disconnected every 5 minutes; and although it automatically reconnects to the network, it makes a system beep and displays an application-modal error message. So irritating.

And let's look at the new features in version 6:
  1. You can chat with Yahoo! Messenger buddies
  2. Add status messages
  3. You can display what is currently playing in iTunes
  4. Custom emoticons
  5. Spotlight integration
  6. Spell checking
Geez, you call that a 1.0 version change feature list? 'Cause I sure as hell don't. Numbers 2 and 3 are good, but I don't see myself salivating over them. I mean, could you get more ho-hum, Microsoft? Honestly! And considering the extremely luxurious period of time Microsoft has spent between subsequent Messenger for Mac releases, this is simply unacceptable. This is probably the equivalent to the number and importance of refinements that the Adium team does in a week.

Where's video chatting? I don't know. Where's audio chatting? I don't know. There is probably a sum total of one feature that is really nifty in Messenger for Mac and that is the ability to click on your display name and rename it instantly. For the rest, I like the user interface and general layout but gawd does this app. lack 2006-age features. Basically, although it's going up in version number, we're seeing no feature parity between the Windows and Mac versions. 

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  • » Use Skype - and get buddies to switch. There's just no comparison out there !
  • » Yes I'm sure adding support for a completely different IM protocol was really trivial to do.

    I think you'll find that it is the Yahoo! stuff that makes this worth the version number.

    On the other hand, you're about right with the difference between 4 and 5, although I might go with 4 and 4.5 as they did update the UI a fair bit.

  • » dude, i use it and dont get disconnected ever, using cable 1MB. you should check your connection.

    and i agree with you, 5 was a 4.5 version therefore 6 should be 5 version ( it is now UB. yahoo protocol, so thats worth it too.)

    and MacBU team said they are working on A/V chat, but is a problem of i-dont-know--for-sure thing.
  • » Hey karan, even in India I never get disconnected as often as you do.
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  • » i so agree with your review...aptly describes all my frustation on them not doing anything different with the new version....
  • » This is EXACTLY how I feel about MSN 6 for Mac. I just download it the other day and was completely disgusted by the lack of new features. Your review is so true! (Curse Mirco$oft...)