Random Tip: Open Same Page

You see that little menu up there that says "Same Page"? Yeah, I noticed that a few days ago and I was really curious. You see, this is actually what Internet Explorer for Windows does by default if you hit Control-N. And I thought I'd lost this feature back in 2001 when I switched from Windows to Mac. Sometimes, you're browsing some website and you just want to branch off, especially when you're doing some research.

If you choose the "Same Page" option in the "New windows open with", what basically happens when you press Command-N is that the current page you're on opens in the new window. But that's not really rocket science… what's completely awesome about this is that it works exactly as I would have wanted it to, i.e., it keeps your browsing history from your current page so that you can use the Back button to go to previous pages. Now that is some sweet Safari rocket science.

How immensely useful is this? You'll know when you try it 

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  • » Immensely useful indeed!

    When did this feature arrive to Safari? Along with Tiger? I don't remember it being included a few months ago.
  • » what's up with the horrible system 8 theme? ;)
  • » haha, I'm still in love with the Classic theme. This is Gershwix using ShapeShifter.