Random Tip: R stands for Reveal

I really don't know how many people use this nifty keyboard shortcut, so I thought I'd mention it: in the Finder, if you press Apple-R while one or more aliases are highlighted/selected, the Finder will open the containing folders for those aliases and highlight them inside those folders. You can do the same thing for icons in the Dock by: (a) the slow method, i.e., control/right-click on a Dock item and choose "Show In Finder" (they really shouldn't capitalize the 'i' in "in") or (b) Apple-click on a Dock icon.

Also, I call the Command key Apple not because I have not been using Macs for past five years but because the Apple key is easy to recognize for anyone, even people unfamiliar with Macs, while the clover leaf symbol gives no indication whatsoever that its function might be called "Command". People don't get this information in daydreams…

The phenomenon of getting information in dreams is literally translated from a हिन्दी (Hindi) idiom which is used when talking about random pieces of information that would not be readily apparent. Such as, if I randomly asked you what my father's middle name was, you would say, "What? You think I dreamt about it or something?" 

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