Random Tip: Detach Info

This is going to be a boon for anyone using a small screen. You can basically go to iCal's Window menu and choose Detach Info to convert the Info drawer into an Info Inspector. This then allows you to make the iCal window as big as the entire screen. Especially good for those of us with full schedules. 

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  • » Another nifty feature: you can see what applications you have open by looking at the Dock.

    (Forgive the snark. i enjoy your blog immensely, but this is probably very old news to 95% of your readership.)
  • » Well I guess I'll have to chime in and say this is completely new to me. :) (and I'm a long time mac/pro user, yada yada)

    I even had to hunt around to find which menu it appears in (I first assumed it was a contextual menu, but it's iCal's Window menu if any other dimwits like me are searching...).

    I wonder what version that arrived in? Guess I don't use iCal that much.
  • » Yeah, this is new to me. But then again, I only just switch this past summer. :p