OK, I saw this movie and I was like "Fucking A…"

Honestly, these guys really seem to be making the most kick-ass Mac OS X software there is. And then I also read this further description:
So yeah, we’ve gone from flashing screens to creating a pixel perfect fluid dynamic model of smoke. You can adjust the colors on the fly as well as a few other geeky options. When you blow into the microphone, the smoke gusts, and as you can see, you can run your mouse through it to create wind. We’ll be including presets for Fire, Goo, Purple Haze, and Icy Mist for you to play with.

Up until this point we’ve shown you how we can make disc burning fluid, workflow based, and manageable. I think you’ll agree that we just showed you that we can make it fun. And really, what else are you going to do while you’re burning a disc?
And all I can say is "Fuck, that's the only thing that's gonna burn my discs from now on." (or, well, from next week on) 

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  • » All I can say is none of the progress bars or readouts are labeled, I have no idea what it's doing, and it's a lot of eye candy that does nothing to make the program more functional or easy to use.

    In other words, all flash and completely unusable. JUST what we need more of...
  • » Now do you understand why burn/re-import is the way to go for stripping iTunes DRM?

    Hijack don't have no smoke.
  • » i love the motion sensor thingy; when th ecomputer is mobile (and therefore unsuitable for burning discs on) the windows i shaking with the movement.
  • » To the first poster:

    I'm going out on a limb and saying that they're burning to disc, it's 77% completed. It has 16 seconds left to completion and it has been burning for 57 seconds

    This dialog displays all the information you need in a fun, unique way. I don't see any ambiguities or misinformation
  • » The smoke is cool but the rest is not a great design. So much of it just sits there and does nothing. The progress bar is so tiny, and that's the most important part.