Zune me not

Can somebody else say "eeyuch"? I'm sure Microsoft's Xbox division could've come up with something better looking than this! Well, this is not to say that no one will buy it. Knowing Microsoft, its software features will probably be good, and since it's Microsoft, even they aren't, someone'll buy it.

(UPDATE: After seeing some more screenshots, I'm quite impressed by the UI on the little gadget and, as always, since it's Microsoft, the Zune's display seems to be a lot more customizable than the iPod's. It's the same Mac OS X-and-Windows comparison. The Zune interface, to me, looks slick (it better be responsive like the iPod's!) and quite reminiscent of Vista.) 

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  • » I just have to ask.  Brown?!
  • » The interface does look slick.

    Should apple be worried? the ipod currently has a smaller screen and lesser features. Not to mention the Zune has WiFi and sharable music.

    But dropping the price on the iPod would have shocked microsoft a bit.
  • » isnt the screen the same size when watching videos? i've read somewhere that it is only larger, but still the same resolution.
    i thinkt the background images are ugly and distractiong, by the way. men the text-animations are good.
  • » The resolution is important, yes, but not so much when watching videos on a small device. There the screen size takes precedence.