September Buzz

Wow, it's like I said "let the rumour mills run day and night" and everyone actually listened. So, here's the buzz from September the 2nd:
  • It looks like everyone's hoping for a 23-inch iMac now, which wouldn't be bad actually and if Apple maintains the $1699 price-point (or, at the max. $1799, though we're already heading into way-too-expensive here), this thing might actually sell because 23" is a huge, huge, huge screen, not that 20" was small anyway. What would be totally killer is if they upgrade the iMac 20" and 23" to Merom (Core 2 Duo Mobile, basically) and keep the iMac 17" with a Core Duo processor running at 2.0GHz or 2.16GHz. Now, those might fly off the shelves, especially if they cut the price by another $100 or so. And, if a 23" screen is introduced in the iMac, does anyone share my opinion that it makes more room for cooling and for Apple to possibly introduce a Conroe (Core 2 Duo) chip in the iMac enclosure? I'm hoping, although admittedly I'm not in the market for one.
    Source: AppleInsider

  • It also looks like Mac minis are getting silent+free updates from the 1.5GHz Core Solo model to the 1.66GHz Core Duo model hinting at the fact that Apple might be bumping the line to higher Core Duos. But, the more probable scenario is that since the Core Duos are due to be phased out eventually anyway, we can assume that Apple is now running out of inventories for the 1.5GHz model first (since lower-end models always tend to sell more) and is trying to empty out its 1.66GHz model inventory also inorder to make for a Core 2 Duo upgrade to the Mac mini. I'm putting my bets on Merom and not Conroe for the mini although it's possible that the iMac might get Conroe.
    Source: MacUser

  • Special Event on September 12th starring Jobs? Well, the rumour mills seem to think so, and Jobs or no Jobs, the date does seem appropriate considering the fact that loads of manufacturers are out with their plans for Core 2 Duo-based computers and Apple seems to be the one guy in the room everyone's staring at with the expression that says "Well?"
    Source: The Unofficial Apple Weblog

  • Mac OS X v.10.4.8 gets seeded to developers? Well, ho-hum because it's not going to bring any new features. However, there's a nice new Combo Update for me to download (because I like collecting them).
    Source: InsanelyMac News

  • Update to Leopard Developer Preview 1.0 - Well, I can actually confirm this, but my Mac mini's busy torrenting right now (on Tiger), so maybe later.
    Source: The Unofficial Apple Weblog
So, yeah, that's a lot of stuff for one day. 

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  • » Actually I doubt the Mac mini will be getting a Core 2 Duo in it's next update. I expect that Apple will just stick in higher-end Core Duo's.