Review: FairMount 1.0.1

Now here's a tiny (600KB) piece of software that'll make our lives a lot easier - at least for those of us who have to make copies of our original CSS-encrypted DVDs. Using this software is just so simple - insert your commercial DVD, launch FairMount and then watch the magic happen. FairMount will unmount (not eject) your DVD and mount an unencrypted version of it. It's that simple! Now that you have your unencrypted DVD, you can do whatever with it you like. Want to drag out a VOB file from the disc to play later or include in your iMovie project? No. Problem. Want to make a copy of it to a standard 4.3GB disc? Again, no problem. Just open up Toast Titanium or Popcorn and ask them to make a copy of your disc. They will no longer say that it's CSS encrypted and can't be copied.

The best thing though? This software is completely bagels. The icon is a bagel (as you can see from above), the status bezels are bagels (as you can see below)…

…and, its tagline is "Bagels are good, pirating is wrong."

This tiny piece of devilry completely removes the whole parade we had to do with first de-CSS-ing the disc using MacTheRipper, which required 9GB of space on the disc, and then using Toast to compress that 9GB to 4.3GB, and, then, finally, burning it after god [sic] knows how long! So, just give this software a try and let it make you happy. 

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  • » i've just installed this and it's not working. any ideas? seems to start work on the DVD but then freezes. thanks