New iMacs and Mac minis!

Well, new iMacs are out and they have Core 2 Duo goodness along with 17", 20" and 24" screens! New Mac minis still have Core Duos but they've been speed-bumped though pricing remains the same. Of significant interest is the fact that (a) Apple is selling an iMac with integrated graphics to the regular public, (b) the new iMacs have a 3GB RAM limit and (c) the 24" model has a FW800 port along with a 24-watt amplifier as compared to 12-watt on previous iMacs! This is a very good production and dorm room theatre system! Expensive though, $1999.

Whether the iMacs have Merom or Conroe is still out there. My guess is Merom. Also, now that these are out of the way, what does Apple have up its sleeve for September 12?



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