More iTunes screens

The video playback in iTunes seems to have been reworked. Version 6 used to have choppy playback and pausing/playing/closing windows used to have a 5-7 second lag (even though I have 1.25 GB RAM). But now, the video seems to be running perfectly. And I think it's a new interface over the video (can't really remember the old one).

And it seems the podcast menu is where it was before but when you hit "Refresh" (not Update) for the podcasts, a new menu opens up below iTunes Store that shows proper downloading status - a very handy feature for someone like me who actually has to wait an hour for a TWIT to download.

Will update with more stuff soon. 

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  • » looks like this will be the new look of leopard
  • » The old interface for video used to be the good-old quicktime progress bar at the bottom, like in the quicktime browser plug-ins.
  • » The fact that apple has priced the 8GB nano and the 30GB iPod at the same price is baffling. That limits the 8GB market to people who just dont want the bigger iPod even though it costs the same. ( maybe thats why its come just in black.. more appeal and less production).

    Also another theory could be that apple has that ever elusive widescreen iPod up its sleeve and dropped the prices on the new 5G to incorporate a reasonalbe price range for the 6G.

    but then again apple has never had more than 3 iPods, and a new one could just confuse customers.... unless of course its the new ( drum roll please ....) iPhone. ( ta da! )

    ahhh.... theories.
  • » I'm requesting a screen shot of the new album view.
  • » why don't you just download it yourself? ;)
    or look a few posts down.