How many times do you see people pay a sum of money to pre-order a product which they have no idea about? And by no idea mean, what the product is, what it does, and how much it'll cost. Not many, I'll warrant.

That's what I thought until I read about Disco. Its a Mac application that the developers of [the cool] AppZapper are developing! Apparently, the repsonse to the pre-orders was amazing, and people are now asking them to open the pre-orders once again. However, by now we do have a vague idea that it's going to be some kind of a disc burning utility "accomplish a realistic goal that most people who use Macs need, and it makes it an amazing and fun software experience." Head over to the app's blog and check it out. Having used AppZapper, I think Disco is going be fun, if not amazing.

And if you haven't tried AppZapper yet, you have no idea how much fun uninstalling can be! 

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  • » I actually did want to pre-order Disco. I loved AppZapper so much that I bought it after SBox-ing it for a little while. AppZapper is a totally awesome way to uninstall software and if Disco does the same thing for burning discs, ossum!