Random Tip: Keyboard Shortcuts for Scrolling

  • If you want to go to the beginning/end of the document, use Command+Up/Down Arrow
  • If you want to scroll one page down, use Option+Up/Down Arrow
This will really save me a lot of time when I'm using an iBook because I hate reaching for the Function key to scroll up and down. 

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  • » Or you could just hit space to scroll one page (-minus one line of text) down.
  • » Yeah, but Space is just assymetric. So I don't like. What is the scroll-up equivalent of Space?
  • » no idea.
    but have you checked out the new hold-down-control-while-while-scrolling-with-the-trackpad goodness in 10.4.8. zoom!
  • » Shift-Space will take you back up a page.
  • » Cool.