Mac mini

I just purchased a used Mac mini that has a 1.42GHz G4 processor, 512MB of RAM and an 80GB hard drive. It's pretty good for casual web surfing, emailing and chatting and even manages to play a slightly hiccuppy game of Warcraft III (though be kind and don't even bother installing WoW on it).

I got the Mac mini, an iBook and a MacBook tested using the latest Xbench (1.3) and posted the results:
iBook - 933MHz G4 / 640MB / 40GB
MacBook - 1.83GHz Intel Core Duo / 1GB / 60GB
Mac mini - 1.42GHz G4 / 512MB / 80GB

Yeah, the competition wasn't really fair but the iBook was really pathetic I must say.

Surprisingly, this 1.42GHz didn't come with Bluetooth or AirPort, so that's going to be another $100 and 1GB RAM is going to be an additional $100-something. 

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  • » Wow! Your macbook 1.83 really smokes my Macbook 1.83.

    especially the graphics and UI tests. You got 176 in the UI test, while i only got 21 (!). and you nearly doubled my amount in the Quartz graphics test (opengl was about the same). Have you tweaked your system in any way? or is it Leopard ;)
  • » Ah... my misstake.
    i was using xBench 1.2.
    1.3 gave me a lot higher score on most things (a total 81.27 btw). move on. nothing to see.
  • » Yeah it's all about the Beam Sync my man. Xbench 1.3 disables it before testing or something. Now, I wish I know what Beam Syncing was...

    Anyway, I hate it now because the Xbench website is full of useless Xbench 1.2 scores in which Intel Macs were badly portrayed because of incorrectly calculated weak UI test scores.
  • » Does your mini at least have two RAM slots? Mine didn't, so when I upgraded to 1GB, the 512 MB of RAM from Apple that cost $100 ended up just sitting on my desk. Depressing.
  • » Only one RAM slot. Anyone in the market for a cool 512MB chip? :-D