Leopard "Preview" Video - New Help Menu

Leopard's new Help menu is pretty cool. I chose to demonstrate a venerable Carbon app instead of Safari or Finder just to show that this feature requires no work from the developer's side but is something that Leopard handles automatically.

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  • » Wow, that was just awesome! I think people are going to use the help menus a lot more now.
  • » kool feature
  • » It's cool. But it's also like digging a grave, as a similar cool-looking Help System actually existed in the venerable Classic Mac OS 9.
  • » skaran: Wait, what? I remember no feature built-in to Mac OS 9 that showed you where menu items were if you searched for them -- and I mean by actually pulling down the menu items and showing you them. And I don't even remember any help menu that had a search box right in the menu, and dynamically created menu items to jump you to the right help page: it was all just a static menu with predefined links to various pages.
  • » I was referring to the Mac OS 9 Help Demos in which the computer used to show you stuff by drawing a red circle around it... quaint, but cute.
  • » Its a great idea but the pink piece of shit hovering around next to the menu is just horrible. Would it not be nicer it the highlighted item flashed or something. I can't believe apple are going to release it like this :).

    If they do I'd have to be a little disappointed.