Leopard "Preview" - TextEdit

Possibly the most unexciting component of Leopard. As of now, it's got only a .1 version upgrade. They could do something with the main interface though; it looks really ugly still.

Anyhoo, they have added OpenDocument support, which unfortunately, I did not want to test because testing it might have put me to sleep. I don't live under a rock, but I really do not know anyone yet who would be willing to share files with me in ODF. Go knock yourselves out! 

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  • » Whilst it may "send you to sleep," this is still a really important development. Just the sheer fact that Apple is accepting OpenDocument exists is pretty important.

    Hopefully, TextEdit will still be Open Source in 10.5, so developers can have a look at how Apple has decided to handle OpenDocument parsing.

    And with any luck, we may see OpenDoc support in Pages in the future!
  • » is it THAT important

    opendocument is important in enterprise.

    in MY enterprise it's really important. it will allow our mac users to open odf without the need to launch X11-openoffice (or wait for neooffice)

    MY enterprise is important, it's MY money.
  • » I suppose then this means /usr/bin/textutil, a text converter utility, will gain the Open Document Format treatment…
  • » Actually the single most important feature added to a Mac product since they shipped with an RJ45 Ethernet connection. Standards, not cool design, is what advances the world.

    Apple customers gaing support for ISO 26300 is huge news. Congrats to Apple for this,

    Now get on and test it actually works :-).
  • » Awesome! Thanks for Letting us Know!
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