Leopard "Preview" - Taking Screenshots

Thanks to SnapzProX, which is borderline Leopard compatible (it has some bugs), I was able to get a screenshot of the crosshair that comes up on screen when you press Command-Shift-4 on the keyboard. As you can see, Leopard adds a somewhat useful (though not to me, not yet at least) coordinates display that lets you track your pointer positions in hard numbers - (0,0) being the top-left corner of the screen and, in my case, 1280x1024 being the bottom-right corner.

Another extremely useful feature in Leopard is that when you hit Command-Shift-4, the screen freezes and windows and menus stop responding to your mouse movements temporarily. This means that you can, say, take a screenshot of the Dock while one of its icons is magnified by moving the mouse over the desired icon, hitting Command-Shift-4, and then dragging a rectangle around the part you want to snapshot. If you try this on Tiger (go on), as soon as you move your mouse away from the icon in the Dock inorder to draw a rectangle, the icon will shrink back because it has lost focus. That's the general concept anyway. Its uses are innumerable. You can finally take screenshots of anything that responds to mouse movements, such as menus, mouseover effects, the Dock, etc. Here's proof to support it:

Try obtaining the screenshot above solely using OS X's screenshot commands and without any kind of editing work and definitely without the use of something like SnapzProX. If I am right, and I'm quite sure that I am, you should fail.

Meanwhile, it looks like Toast Titanium 7.1 is Leopard-ready. Just burnt a DVD-R. 

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