Leopard "Preview" Gallery - Part IV (Preview)

UPDATE (8/16/2006): Added a screenshot of the Customize Toolbar sheet.

Yes, we've all been waiting for the Preview screenshots. I could sense your anticipation… well, not really. Anyway, here they are:

Yay for Mail-like sweet-looking interfaces! I love 'em and although loads of people do hate them (inconsistent or some shit like that), it sure beats turning Preview into a brushed metal junkyard. Speaking of brushed metal, methinks that it's going to do an Exit Stage Left in Leopard because Automator seems to have lost its metallic apperance and has instead adopted the Unified Title Bar look (more on that later). In any case, for any application to totally get rid of brushed metal is a big step. Would I be wishing for too much if I asked for Finder to see the same light?

The File menu!

The Tools menu!

A PDF and its Inspector open.

On special request, here's a shot of the Customize Toolbar sheet.

Tiger's Preview is an extremely hard benchmark to surpass, because, honestly, Preview in Tiger has everything that you'd wish for and then some. Leopard's Preview does not add any significant features but does sport a new snazzy interface and since that's not brushed metal, I am happy. For the record, the Slideshow feature does sport the file's name on top and a little rounded rectangle around the current image you're viewing in the Exposé-like thing it has, but I didn't think they were exciting enough to deserve screenshots (and considering the fact that Inspector palettes got individual attention, you see how little excitement Preview's slideshow feature offered). 

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  • » If you're taking suggestions for what's up next, please post previews of Xcode 3 and Interface Builder 3. Thanks.
  • » Sure
  • » I have a question about Preview. Are there additional buttons on the toolbar that you can customize? Is it possible to add the Rotate, Zoom to Fit, Actual Size, etc. to the toolbar? Thanks. :)
  • » I shall check, and, if I discover something, I'll add it at the end of the entry.
  • » One big feature that looks to be in this version: altering image size. That's fantastic!
  • » Echoing the previous anonymous poster: can you resize images in this version? It looks like you can zoom in and out, as was possible before, but can you save an image that has been enlarged or reduced?
  • » See, I don't think people hate pill buttons because they're inconsistent; if anything, pill buttons are MORE consistent: they actually look like buttons and behave as such. I also like that they'll highlight if you pass the mouse over one in an inactive window because it visually shows you that the buttons *are* affected by click-through.

    No, I think people dislike them because they're ugly. What's wrong with just taking the current icons we have on the toolbars and encasing them in standard Aqua rounded buttons?
  • » Just to cheer you up. Your blog is the best place around to check the real nice addition that Leopard will provide. I'm not that enthousiastic concerning the new button skinning, and I'm really looking forward to a new Finder.

    BTW, could you please check if Command-X Command-V (ie cut-pasting) on files has finally been implemented?

    Thanks man, and keep up the good work.
  • » Nope, it's still only Copy and Paste.
  • » Does Preview support the Dictornary shortcut "Ctrl+Command+D" in the Leopard version?
  • » hi - i was wondering if it is now possible to switch apps out from the slideshow mode (ctrl +tab)?