iChat Mobile? Umm, okay.

Probably the biggest tradition amongst the tech. websites is the upsurge of rumours regarding Apple's announcements at forthcoming events such as Macworld or WWDC. Now, just eight long days before the WWDC keynote, there are finally some "iPhone" pictures that might actually not be Photoshopped fakes. The pictures from the Engadget story show the product being dubbed as "iChat Mobile". Looks boring, to be honest and the name, although better than "iPhone" isn't exactly a stroke of brilliance. I'd go for the new, sleek Motorolas if I were presented with a choice.

Of course, a more concise way to put it might be: iCh8t M0b1le IS TEH SUX0R!!!111

(UPDATE: If the pictures weren't enough, YouTube now has a video as well). 

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  • » i woudnt buy that
  • » I dont think Apple should make phones. Why not team up with motorala like they did with iTunes.