Google Notifiers Galore

Now we all know what Google means when it says "Beta". It doesn't mean it's a pre-release piece of software, because, in that light, everything that Google has ever made, except for its Search, is pre-release. Gmail, anyone? So you definitely don't expect Google's publicly available non-limited betas to have blatant bugs. And you definitely don't expect three releases in one week!

Yet, today, Google quietly dropped Google Notifier 1.9.65 on us. This is up from 1.9.63 on 2006-08-23 and 1.9.61 on 2006-08-20. The original version was simply broken. When you clicked on "Go to Inbox", it would simply ignore you, without even saying "Gah, mmnotdoingit…"

1.9.63 fixed this and heaven knows what the latest version, our most beloved 1.9.65, fixes because Google, at least, doesn't bother telling us. Long live! 

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  • » It fixes the pain problem of Google Calendar just not activating (and so getting the activation box every few minutes until you deactivate).

    Look here: http://groups.google.com/group/google-calendar-help-bugs/browse_thread/thread/caf93c0afddc0ad7

    Jeez Google, get it together
  • » OK, my Google Notifier (1.9.90) has decided to just quit fetching my mail and has been giving me the ol' biohazard sign over the icon all week. I've read about version 1.9.65 on several blogs this morning but when I go to Google to get it, it downloads 1.9.90.

    Where are you guys downloading the new version?