Cool Trick with Minimizing Windows

This is one of the neatest tricks I've seen done with the Dock. I'll just quote it here in case you're too lazy to visit the linked website:

Step 1-Open up your favorite website, app, anything that has windows.
Step 2-Open up Terminal and type “killall Dock”, but don’t press enter. Keep that in the background for later.
Step 3- Hold in shift and click on the minimize button on the window you opened in Step 1.
Step 4- As the window is minimizing, quickly switch over to your Terminal window and press enter.

You should now have a frozen, half-minimized, fully functional window. You can scroll, type, and do anything you could do in the normal window. Some things might be a little wierd, but thats to be expected.

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  • » This sounds great, I'm trying to do it, but since I only have one functional hand at the moment, it's pretty difficult
  • » That's randomly happened to me when my computer was acting really slow. I've always wanted a way to really play around with it, though, so thanks!
  • » You can also leave the target window in the background, bring up the terminal, type "killall Dock", Shift-clic on the minimize button of any window in the background, and press Return.

    On my old Titanium PB, "killall Dock" was too slow. So I instead did:

    ps -eax | grep Dock | grep -v Dock

    The first number on the left is the PID number. You can then type "kill" followed by an space and the PID number, and it will stop the Dock as soon as you press Return.