Those Mac Pros Better Be Good

I was just going through Engadget as I often do, and I came across this review of the Falcon Northwest Mach V which uses the brand new Core 2 Extreme that we're all so excited about. Aside from having the fastest Core 2 chip Intel can manufacture, it also has two ATI Radeon X1900 cards. Obviously, it stomps all previous computers in every single aspect and manages to play Doom 3 with all settings maxed out at 80 fps with a screen resolution of 2560x1600. Amazing…

So, I hope that, in the same vein, when Apple comes out with its new professional desktop Macs, now that it has access to all the latest technology, it better come out with something that breaks the benchmark barriers. Not to mention something that looks sweet… even though the Power Mac G5s look awesome, that case design has been around since 2003 now and Apple needs to move on. Plus, they used that case design originally because the G5 was so hot that it needed 9 cooling zones. Now, with these low power and low heat chips, it would make no sense at all to use the existing case design. The only unfortunate part is that even if they release very fast and cost-effective machines next month, I will not be buying one because I need a laptop and I'm going to have to wait until the Merom MacBook Pros come out. I assume the MacBooks will remain with Core processors and will not be upgraded to Core 2. 

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