How is this shocking?

I'm sure Microsoft could decide not to put much development effort into Microsoft Messenger for Mac and this lack of interest they have clearly demonstrated for many years now. Seriously, every 18 months, you might see a very slightly improved version of Messenger for Mac from Microsoft. What was new in version 5? Basically the addition of display pictures. What was new in version 4? Nothing. What was new in version 3? It went brushed metal (if you call that an improvement) and file transfer finally started working. Great! Version 2 was just plain broken. The current version still randomly drops its connection to Microsoft and shows an error message instead of handling it gracefully and this is on an industrial strength Internet connection that I know to be flawless.

So, sure, Microsoft might not support the Live functions in Microsoft Messenger for Mac, but how in the world is that surprising? After all, the Mac market has never meant much to MSN before and that isn't changing any time soon.



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