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First read this [huge] excerpt from Think Secret's article "Final Cut 6 to usher in new video editing era for Apple" dated January 4, 2006:

Sources note that Apple's Final Cut Extreme announcement will coincide with Red's upcoming 4K digital cinema camera, a revolutionary piece of equipment that is said will be priced upwards of $200,000. Pricing for Final Cut Extreme is said to be similarly up-market, approaching $10,000 a seat, and will require the latest hardware from Apple.

System requirement rumblings point to a Quad G5 with dual Nvidia QuadroFX graphics cards to work with 2K or 4K media. Rumblings have also suggested Apple will release an even larger Cinema Display than the company's current flagship 30-inch display, one capable of supporting all 11+ million pixels a 4K camera (4520x2540 resolution) will be able to capture. 10GBase-T Ethernet may also make its debut in a future Quad G5 configuration optimized for the new software, sources said, assuming the standard is ratified in time.

Also expected to make its debut is an upgraded Xserve RAID unit, currently dubbed Xserve RAID Extreme, which will pack a dual InfiniBand link as opposed to the current fibre channel, while supporting more drives than the standard Xserve RAID. Word on the development of a more robust Xserve RAID has circulated for months.

Specific features of the new video editing software are less known at this point, although native editing of 5.1 surround sound in both Final Cut Pro 6 and the new version of Soundtrack Pro is said to be nearing completion. Final Cut Pro 6 will also support 1080/24p and 1080/30p DVCPROHD, sources said. While Apple has officially thrown its support behind Blu-ray, the new version of DVD Studio Pro should support burning to both Blu-ray discs and HD-DVD.

Now, notice what the author has done:
  1. Bumped the version number of an existing product by 1

  2. Added Extreme to the name of an existing product, which is something Apple does a lot (AirPort Extreme, RT Extreme, etc.)

  3. Taken all the highest available technologies today and succinctly combined them into one system: Quad G5, InfiniBand, 10GB Ethernet.

  4. Used some industry and tech. keywords like the exact resolution of the screen, 2K, 4K, etc.

  5. Added a few prices to the jumble.

This is, in short, possibly any Think Secret post. I do not say that they never have actual "information", because, otherwise, Apple wouldn't have sued them, but most of their entries are just intelligent (and hopeful) guesses. Mind you, even John Dvorak (the infamous anti-Mac columnist) was correct in predicting in 2003 that Apple would switch to Intel processors within 18 months. If you're making logical, educated guesses, probability dictates that they have a good chance of hitting reality every now and then. 

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  • » Some of their articles are really funny to read, and sometimes you just wish what you were reading would be true. Mostly though, its the same predictable stuff.