History of Microsoft

Two must see videos:

MS History 2006
MS History 2005

Kudos to themacuser and macTV for presenting the great videos. 

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  • » These are really excellent videos, I must say. Not to mention HILL-AIR-EEE-US.
  • » Watchout for steve's comments in the 2006 one
  • » यह कौमेंट केवल यह जांचने के लिए है कि ब्लौगर देवनागरी में कौमेंट ले पाता है या नहीं।
  • » Y are you guys against microsoft, may i ask?
  • » You use strong words, Abhishek Nandakumar. We're merely making fun of Microsoft.
  • » Exactly, merely making fun.