A new version of Mac OS X gets released and not a peep from me? No way. There are critics, there are fanatics and then there is me. On the basis of my knowledge of every intricate detail regarding Apple Computer (Inc.), I not only pat myself on the back every so often (not physically of course) but have also won numerous computer quizzes, especially those that were mastered by little 11thy guys.

Now, if you are a Mac fanatic, you probably know everything this is to know about Tiger. It's the next major OS release by Apple, even though Paul Thurrott at WinSuperSite may say that it isn't major. It's not going to change the way you use your computer but, just like Florence Nightingale, it's "going to make everything better". All this is considering of course that you have a Mac with at least a G3 humming inside it (note:- processors do not actually hum). If, however, you happen to use an x86 machine (any processor released by Intel or AMD in the last decade) and installed on it you have a copy of Windows (or any other non-Mac operating system) you have three options (considering you want to have options at this stage): a) tell me about Longhorn and how it's going to kick Apple's ass, b) talk about Macs from the ordinary user's point of view or c) just plain accept the fact that "I have Tiger and you don't. Nyah Nyah N-Nyah Nyah".

I suggest you go with the third because if you try the first two, I will ignore you as I am weary of listening to cribbing Windows users. In the past four years, many of these cribbing Windows users have gone on to buy Macs themselves (including my very own brother).

Now I've just gone over the last few paragraphs and seen how utterly pointless they are. So I'll leave you with this little picture, which is linked to the official Apple website for Mac OS X.


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  • » I have Tiger and you don't nyah nyah n-nyah nyah
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