Cuisine: Italian
Location: M-Block Market,GK-II

Chemistry was over, so we obviously wanted to chill, eat out, hence got myself landed there with 3 friends. Initally, we had decided to eat italian but not being able to find an italian resturant close by, whe decided to drop down at GK-II and hunt for a good place to eat. We did trot around the place but none of the resturants looked inviting and then we spotted this one and were saved from cursing ourselves for coming to GK-II.

The place is neatly done, italian style. They had these beautiful tall glasses and a working barbecue kinda thing behind a glass walled room. There were candles too all around. But decor was not the best thing about this place. As I wasn't too familiar with italian dishes, I asked one of the waiters to help me out and I narrowed on "Carciofi alla griglla in mille foglie". I was shocked when what I was served looked like a cone filled with some stuff, a kind of sauce/chutney spread on the rest of my plate and some green leaves for making it look nice as I thought I had ordered a starter instead. By the time I got done with it, I was left wanting for more although I couldn't have had anything else as I was completely full. One of my friends had a crab stuffed with chicken(and things he says he wasn't able to recognise) and he simply loved it too.

The only thing that will keep me from visiting the place often is money. Although it offers a nice experience, it is a bit expensive. The dish I had was for Rs.450 and the crab one was for Rs.290.

In brief:
  • Decor: 3.5/5
  • Food: 4.5/5
  • Value for money: 3.5/5

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  • » Any good vegetarian stuff?
  • » Yup, I'm a vegetarian if you forgot. Wha t I had was vegetarian and it was good.
  • » If you want to eat fantastic continental food- chowmein, mixed vegs in white sauce, chicken in garlic sauce and loads of other stuff- there's this place called
    CULLINAIRE in GK-II. it's not very cheap, but the food's damn good.
  • » I nominate gunnayak.com/pr (my photoblog) for addition to the royal blog roll.
  • » I second Prateek's vote.
  • » i have been a regular at diva for years now, the food is amazing.. not a cheap eatery, but food service wine list.. the entire experience is always memorable
  • » I second that! The food is fabulous and so is the wine list! Im a pasta freak and this place clearly is the best in Delhi!